Average Amount Parents Spend on Toys

As a parent, we always want to provide the best for our children, and like it or not, it is our instinctive behavior.

According to a recent study by Toy Industry Association, an average parent spends $6500 on Toys. Unfortunately, the sad part is most kids will get bored in 2 to 3 weeks from playing with the same toy. Some suggest the reason behind that is because without the appropriate lead, kids won't be able to incorporate his or her toys in the same story they created. 

 The study also found that an average house has 71 toys with fifth of them having over 100 and a tenth having over 200. 

$6500 is a considerable amount of money for any individual, then the question becomes, how do an average parent allocate this money when purchasing a new toy? 

Number one priority is the safety. 

The study found that every 9 parents out of 10 follow the safety guideles that comes with the toy. 

In addition to the amount parents spend on toys, researchers also polled to find out everyone's favorite toy, and the result was Legos.

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