Frequently Asked Questions


1 - How wide are the roads on this rug? 

Roads are 2.75 inches for small and medium sized carpets. 3.15 inches for large and XL carpets. They will fit Hot Wheels or matchbox cars on both lanes. 

2 - Is this rug heavy enough to stay flat on carpet? We have cheaper rug but it bumps up when you walk on it so I am always pulling the corners to flat.

Yes, IVI carpets are heavy enough to stay flat without any bumps .

Answers from our satisfied customers;

Martha B. "It was for my daughter, but every time I have seen it, it was completely flat. Very good quality."

Jillian R. "Heavy an very durable. stays in place and never bumps up. still in great condition a year later!"

Alyson A. "Yes. This carpet will stay flat without a problem. Occasionally the edge will tuck under but that's only if it gets pushed up by a foot or you etc. My children play on this rug 2 and 3 at a time and it never needs pulling."

3 - How thick are the rugs?

Pile height varies between 1-1.5 inches due to raised areas.

4 - Where do you produce IVI ?

Our innovative and unique designs are manufactured in Turkey up to highest quality standards.

5- Is it easy to clean and sweep of the embossed carpets and jute areas ? 

Just like any other carpet, you can use hoover to clean. It is easy to sweep.