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IVI 3D rugs was created to provide youngsters with an authentic method of play in this fast advancing world. The year was 2006, technology was kicking off and as a mother of two and passionate architect, I knew I couldn’t sit back and let my children, aged just 3 and 8 at the time, be sucked into this digital sphere. Call me conscious, paranoid or just plain caring, but I was worried about the impact of excessive use on my children’s health, behaviour and early development. Especially as they were still so young. Technology was evolving with every passing day and I would despair to come home from work to find my two babies glued to a screen.

It was this that spurred my decision to quit my job in architecture and focus on giving back to my kids. To find a platform that would lure them away from tech-based devices and create a more precious family dynamic in our “down time”. It was time for a digital detox!

But that was the challenging part. Virtual gaming platforms were growing in popularity and traditional toys stood little chance of competing against them. Aware of this situation, I wanted to find a remedy that would eliminate the negative effects of screen exposure, but still prove exciting enough for my children to take note. What’s more, I soon realised there was appetite for a product just like that to fill the void.

By combining my knowledge of parenting with my capabilities in architecture and design, slowly but surely the idea of an interactive 3D platform began to form itself. But even that didn’t arrive without a few difficulties. Especially in the material department! My son suffers with severe asthma, so wool was off limits as the fibres would’ve triggered an attack. Finding an alternative fabric was essential to creating a safe and hygienic play space. Not just for my little boy, but other children who might suffer with similar ailments worldwide. Eventually we settled on a high quality wool-like substitute. And after getting creative with the design… voila! IVI 3D rugs was born.